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Down and Derby has played over 500 theatrical engagements and special screenings with the local support from over 225 BSA Councils nationwide! Many kids joined scouting as a result of those promotions, and participating groups generated over $100,000 from ticket sales and donations to benefit scouting programs, humanitarian aid and local orphanages.


Down and Derby is available for special screenings by scouting, school and church groups. To date, there have been over 1,000 group screenings for movie nights, Pinewood Derby kick-offs, membership drives, fundraisers, popcorn sales recognition and more! Nothing compares to seeing a movie with your friends, family and fellow scouters.

Whereas most Hollywood studios require fees for screening rights, the film's producers have granted these screening rights for FREE with the purchase of a box of 30 DVDs or more. Wholesale DVD prices apply so you will not find a lower price anywhere else and these DVDs can be gifted, distributed or resold for a profit. In many cases, BSA councils have secured companies or individual donors to sponsor these screenings. CLICK HERE for the downloadable form.

Screenings can be scheduled for any date immediately after submitting an order form with a valid check. Keep a copy of your order form for your records as your official screening waiver.

Down and Derby was independently financed and produced by Pinewood Derby, LLC which was created by 16 Eagle Scouts to promote the scouting experience and values through family-friendly entertainment. In the words of Don Murphy, the Pinewood Derby® founder, “This movie is a real hallmark for Scouting!”

Pinewood Derby is a registered mark of the Boy Scouts of America. Used by permission.
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